Testing, testing ....

Chocolate-Guiness Ice cream
I am apprehensive about this blog because :

(1) It would appear that the vast majority of persons owning both a computer and a fork now also has a food blog.

(2) Most blogs/writings about American ex-pats in Paris worry me, in that :
                  - Writing about my life might be too cliché;
                  - Even if I bring my own spice (if you will) to my writing I will still be thought of as being cliché;
                  - Cliché or not, most Anglo-ex-pat blogs in Paris cause me to re-experience my last meal in the reverse direction which is not an experience I would wish upon readers (especially obligated readers). (Hi, Mom.)

(3.i) Following up on the second point, it would appear the only way this might be a successful experiment would be if my name were David -- like him. Or him.

(3.ii) I am in no way committed enough to this blog thing to change my name to David.

(4) My life seemed much more romantic a year ago when I was an art student, sharing a shitty one bedroom apartment, chronically heartbroken over the charming boy-next-door, piss poor, mostly drunk and only sometimes motivated enough to chronicled it here. Now that I'm (somewhat) more adjusted, (somewhat) less drunk and in a happy and successful relationship with boy-next-door-turned-roommate+, my writing needs to evolve beyond what might be commonly consider "bitching."
The reason why I've gone ahead and created a blog anyway is because, like every other forking PC user, I like to see my own efforts be made public. Even if it's in a small way to considerably smaller public. (Hey, Mom, hi. Hi, again)

Insecurities asides, now we start le fooding.


  1. keep writing or i will yell at you on skype. srsly. ;)
    thanks for the recipe tip.

  2. is it bad that i'm kind of tempted to not write so that i'm guarenteed to see you on skype soon ?

    i kid, i kid -- i'm cooking something good tonight so expect a post this evening !! xx